Imitation iPod Case Prompts Action by Creator

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Date: Monday, September 9th, 2002, 11:00
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Miyavix Inc. sent us the warning below about an inferior iPod case that it claims is almost an exact copy of their case. More information can be found here.

Beware of Aqua Jam, a inferior imitation of Silicone Jacket (Groove Jacket). There is no relation between our the Silicon Jacket (Groove Jacket) that you love and Aqua Jam.

We believe that this product, Aqua Jam, is sold through a partner that we’ve worked with previously. Although they claim that it is a “colored variation of Groove Jacket” in the advertising material, it is NOT an authorized color version of Groove Jacket.

We are really shocked and sadden by the fact that this previous partner has no regards to our product’s copyright. We would like to ask all users of this rip-off product to respect our originality, practice self-judgement, before taking any further action.

We, Miyavix, Inc. and Power Support Co., Ltd. have a high regard for all APPLE users who always support APPLE, APPLE – a company that makes iPod an ingenious product and American Culture that nourishing them. We have developed some products including Silicone Jacket (Groove Jacket).

We are really glad that our products are well received by users of this excellent Web community. We’ll continue to design and make new products for Apple while defending our intellectual rights. Please take a look at this page where you can compare the imitation with our genuine ones.

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