Interview With a Switcher: Juan Proano – Part II

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Date: Thursday, October 17th, 2002, 01:00
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Apple Switcher Juan ProanoI had the opportunity to interview Juan Proaño, an Apple switcher the other night. When we last left Juan we learned that his email had been selected out of 20,000 by Apple.

Please also read Part 1 of the interview.

PP: So what happened after the first telephone call from Apple?
JP: They told me that they wanted to talk to me more and this progressed into two more interviews. Then they called me back and asked me to send them some pictures and asked me if I could fly out to L.A.

PP: At this point, did you start to catch on?
JP: No, not really, They didn’t tell me anything. Since I was in the first batch of switchers to be aired, I hadn’t seen the ads – I didn’t know what to expect.

PP: Did you jump on the opportunity?
JP: Yes, but there was a bit of a problem: they arranged to fly me out to L.A. and I couldn’t make it. I was going to be in L.A. the week before, and about two days after [the shoot] and I was just too busy to go at that time. But everyone at Apple was so nice, they told me that they were also shooting in New York and in Boston, so we re-scheduled my shoot for New York.

PP: What was that like?
JP: It was fun, but I still had no idea what I was in for until that day. When I arrived the producer pulled me aside and told me that they were going to shoot a TV commercial. There were celebrities at the shoot and about 12 regular people, like me.

PP: Which celebs were there during your shoot?
JP: Unfortunately, I am not allowed to tell you (with a subtle grin). But it was the last day of the shoot in New York and it was hectic. I was supposed to be on at 3pm and it was already 7pm. I got squeezed in while another celeb was in makeup. I had a total of about 15 minutes, ten in front of the video camera and about five minutes of stills.

PP: So what is the most difficult aspect of being a new Mac user?
JP: Some stuff being in OS 9 and some stuff being in OS X. When I first installed OS X I only had Photoshop 6 and it was confusing when it would boot the old operating system when I launched certain programs. Now that I understand it a little better, the concept of two operating systems up and running [at the same time] is pretty cool.

PP: Have you called support yet?
JP: I have not called support once.

PP: What is the coolest thing about your PowerBook, the thing that you can’t live without?
JP: The first thing I did was to upload about 2,000 pictures in iPhoto, that’s where the love affair started. Also, I am into art so I also uploaded about 2500 high-resolution images so that I can view them on my PB. I support one site that sends me all their high-res images on a CD, I like that for viewing on the plane. [Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio and Auguste Rodin are some of his favorites. -Ed]

PP: What else do you enjoy about your Mac?
JP: As I said, I am really into art. There is this art history databank that I support. It is free to access, but if you pay a fee you get banner-free pages plus a CD of all their art. It’s cool.

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