iPod Life: Hands on with Transpod

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Date: Friday, December 6th, 2002, 01:05
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We’ve got a reader report here with the Transpod. My preferred method is still the tried-and-true audio cable from RadioShack, but FM broadcasting may be preferred for many iPod users and the product sounds very cool. -PK

I recently received my Transpod from www.everythingipod.com. The Transpod is essentially an iPod-only FM audio broadcaster (insert geeky description here) with a couple of very cool twists.

First of all the Transpod is a cradle for the iPod that plugs into a cigarette outlet. The cigarette outlet then provides power for the FM broadcaster and also charges the iPod. My first impression was that it was a tight fit and difficult to get it into the cigarette lighter, but after I played with it some I realized this is a must in order to keep the iPod from jiggling around while driving.

Another notable bonus is the wider range of avilable FM channels you can use. A device like the iRock FM broadcaster is limited to specific channels. The Transpod gives 3 ranges of channels to tune into making it a way cool device.

Using a device like this, I didn’t get as good as sound quality as I would have with a direct plug into the stereo system, but then it was super easy to setup and use. I am hoping over time to somehow improve the reception and eliminate some of the background hissing but for now I am relatively satisfied.

The makers of the Transpod did an awesome job when it comes to included components. In addition to plugging it into the cigarette lighter it also has the option of mounting it on the dash with the included extension cable and mounting kit.

Although, www.everythingipod.com charged my credit card long before they shipped the product (a nono in my book. they claim it is to avoid fraud…I don’t see the connection) and were very noncommunicative to my concerns, when they finally did ship it it arrived on time and in good order.

I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars and would most likely give it an additional half star after I get used to using it.

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