Is the Lombard Worth Upgrading?

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Date: Monday, February 10th, 2003, 00:00
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I have been fortunate to have kept a completely flawless laptop since Lombard’s introduction in May of 1999. Althought I am very impressed with the new line of PowerBooks, but am unable to spring for their new price tags.

My concern is whether a G4 upgrade for my Lombard (such as Sonnet or Newer Technology) will be safe for the computer. Will it run hot? Will the processor upgrade be compatible with Mac OS X? I also would like to use video software like Avid DV Express or Final Cut Pro 3 which require a G4 processor.

Will a Firewire PC card work with the upgrade card and will it act as a “built-in” Firewire device? Built-in Firewire is mentioned in the technical specs for Final Cut Pro 3.

I use an external CD-RW which works with Toast 5.2 when the FW PC card is inserted prior to startup. I have just purchased external DVD-RW which I would like to use with Apples DVD Studio Pro which also states that it needs a G4 processor and built-in Firewire.

If the PC card does not count as an internal Firewire then may have to upgrade because I will not be able to use the software I would like to use. Worst case: what video editing software works with Mac OS 9 and a G3 processor?

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