iSync Frustration Continues

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Date: Wednesday, June 4th, 2003, 00:55
Category: iPod, User Group

Ed: Our mobile guru-at-large R. Emory Lundberg has some (ahem) constructive criticism of iSync 1.1 for having half-baked Nokia 3650 support and still-anemic Palm support reliant on Palm Desktop. Has Jobs abandoned real Palm support in favor of phones? Wasn’t the whole vision of iSync total, seamless sync with everything? Have to agree with Mr. Lundberg here. -PK Read more . . .

iSync 1.1 sucks. Someone had to say it. I represent angry Palm users that wish they could actually use iCal and Addressbook instead of Palm Desktop. iSync 1.1 didn’t change a thing for Palm OS users.
My somewhat rant-like thoughts on iSync 1.1.
Can someone tell me why it still can’t sync a Palm right and only has a 50% useful sync function for the Nokia 3650? To those P800 users that lost all their data with iSync 1.1 on the Apple discussion forums – that had to suck. Sorry it had to be you.

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