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Date: Thursday, June 9th, 2005, 10:15
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It’s not about the market share – it’s about the Internet Share!

Steve Abrahamson tells Mac users to relax and that they are not losing their Mac. While I agree, I disagree with his careless remarks on Mac market share. He says:
“And don’t forget how companies claim their market share numbers: sales this quarter. All those customers buying Macs to run Windows are actually contributing to the Mac market share figures; the machine is sold as a Mac OS machine… what you do with it is up to you, but we figure you’re running Mac OS on it.”
Well, folks, what matters going forward is the web and web services. If the percentage of Mac visitors to a Web page remains low or gets any lower, that site, depending on the services, may cease to offer support of the Mac platform. It doesn’t matter if Apple is selling tons of Macs to Windows users that are going to install Windows. We’ll all be running Windows if the percentage of Mac users on the Internet does not go up. Just try and use your Mac to rent a movie from for example. I can guarantee you if the percentage of Macs on the Internet were at 20-30%, this site would figure out a way to allow Mac users to rent movies too.
Those Web stats are all that matters as far as OS X is concerned and for that matter, your Macintosh computer’s future. So, all selling hardware to Windows users that plan to install Windows on it will do is put more money in Apple’s pocket. It won’t help the Mac OS X users one bit.

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