Jaguar Madness: NYC/Soho Party and Beyond

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Date: Sunday, August 18th, 2002, 19:18
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New York readers: celebrate Jaguar Madness in Soho with NYC area PowerPagers! We’ll start with dinner at Soho’s Silver Spurs (cheap American cuisine, good, and choices for carnivores or vegetarians) before heading over to the glitzy flagship Apple Store Soho around the corner for 10.2. Now, we’re going to spice things up a little bit: earn PowerPage fame by creatively interpreting the “Jaguar” theme. It’s a bit hot for leopard-print coats, so key word is creative. Other Apple apparel, stuffed jaguar toys, Jaguar cars, Jon Rubenstein costumes, also encouraged. Update: We will have original PowerPage t-shirts and an autographed copy of the 8th ed. Mac Bible as prizes! Check our eVite RSVP for details and to let us know you’re coming or invite others. A fun Friday night promised for all.

Not in NYC? Take up the gauntlet and send in your digital photos of your own creative interpretations of the Jaguar theme and 10.2 celebrations.

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