JCPenney’s announces full Apple Pay support across U.S. locations

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Date: Tuesday, July 25th, 2017, 05:21
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JCPenney now accepts Apple Pay.

The department store announced that it now accepts Apple Pay across all of its U.S. locations, including support for store-branded credit cards and associated rewards points.

Compatibility with Apple Pay within the JCPenney app for iOS has been listed as “coming soon”, though in-store transactions are now possible with any iPhone 6 or later or an Apple Watch.

JCPenney is believed to have been running a pilot program for Apple Pay as far back as Nov. 2015, and preparing to launch chain-wide support by spring 2016. It’s unclear as to what might have caused the year-plus delay.

JCPenney currently consists of more than 1,000 locations across the U.S., which could have amounted to an enormous task, especially where adding NFC-compatible terminals were concerned.

While many national and regional chains across the U.S. are now compatible with Apple Pay, there are still conspicuous gaps. Even some companies that have long promised support, like Anthropologie, remain without it. Smaller vendors can take advantage of Apple Pay readers such as those sold by Square and tend to be more quickly adaptable where Apple Pay is concerned.

If you’ve had a chance to try Apple Pay at a JCPenney’s location, please let us know about your experience in the comments.

Via AppleInsider

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