Kamas PowerBook Stand

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Date: Friday, August 2nd, 2002, 10:37
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Kamas PowerBook standMy PowerBook G4 serves as the replacement for both a Twentieth Anniversary Mac and a PowerBook 2400c and functions as both my home and mobile computer. Using the PowerBook on my desk I find the screen too low and the built-in keyboard just too flexible for heavy duty use. I tried using it in the “Spartacamus” laptop stand that I have for my PowerBook 2400c, and while the screen height and angle were great, the location of the DVD slot was blocked by the stand.

Enter the Kamas PowerBook stand from MacImports for US$99. This stand is fully adjustable and the G4 version has a slot that allows use of the DVD drive while in the stand. Since I have the old round power adapter, I am in luck because the stand has a convenient half circle cutout that holds it under the computer. I typically travel with a Madsonline adapter, so I just leave it there permanently. My only complaint is that the height is not adjustable. Otherwise this provides a great ergonomic solution to using my PowerBook for extended periods on my desk.

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