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Date: Sunday, June 22nd, 2003, 17:32
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A simple yet effective method of dissipating heat from a laptop computer to avoid the annoying (and battery draining) fan from kicking in is now available.

The Vancouver design team that created the KoolSink a simple solution to the problem of overheating lap-top computers is the first to market a model specifically designed for the new range of aluminum-alloy G4 PowerBooks. There are three models for the 17″, 15″ and 12″ PB G4s.
This new product – the “Super” KoolSink – is made of Silver Anodized Aluminum alloy and provides cooling by drawing off unwanted heat by both conduction and convection.
By combining the principles of thermal convection and the heat dissipation properties of metal (“heat-sink”) they have produced an aluminum stand that successfully reduces the build up of heat which plagues the new generation of 1 GHz lap-top computers. (The coefficient of thermal conductivity of aluminum is 13 times that of stainless steel)
Their elegant product also improves the user’s comfort by tilting the keyboard to a more “ergonomically” correct position which users report reduces strain while typing.
PDP Designs is registered in BC and is comprised of the three founding partners, two with an architectural design background and the third with expertise in aluminum and stainless steel design and production.
Further details can be found on their web-site

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