Leaked HomePod firmware hints at facial recognition to aid in Apple Pay payments for forthcoming iPhone

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Date: Thursday, August 3rd, 2017, 03:27
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The leaked HomePod firmware continues to hint at possible forthcoming Apple features down the pipe.

A set of code discovered in the firmware suggests Apple’s “iPhone 8” will integrate facial recognition into the Apple Pay process, though it appears the technology will not completely replace physical Touch ID.

Developer Daniel Niyazov tweeted out a note on Wednesday in which he noted references to “pearl,” which is thought to be Apple’s codename for “iPhone 8’s” facial recognition feature. The reference also showed up in leaked code associated with Apple Pay.

The HomePod firmware, which was inadvertently released to assorted developers, has revealed several possible new features for upcoming Apple products. Prior investigation of the code connected “pearl” and its various iterations to so-called “FaceDetect” features.

In particular, an area marked “pearl.field-detect” suggests a method of recognizing when a user’s face is within view of the handset’s camera, a feature that might facilitate fast access — “pearl.pre-arm” — to the Apple Pay UI.

This code does not seem to imply that Apple is planning to rely solely on forthcoming FaceDetect technology as its Apple Pay authentication protocol.

Finally, a new feature, dubbed “SmartCam”, discovered within the firmware hints that the feature will seemingly be able to adjust image settings according to detected subjects. Code points include references to babies, fireworks, pets, the sky, snow, sports, a sunset and more.

Apple is expected to release a next-generation iPhone this fall with front-facing 3D-sensing FaceTime camera, full-face display, wireless charging and more.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

Via AppleInsider and Twitter

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