Legislators Recognize Hazards of Driving and Phoning

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Date: Thursday, March 31st, 2005, 10:36
Category: Mobile Phone

Bluetooth Wireless Technology in the Car Could Be the Solution. Read More…

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., State legislators across the country are paying increased attention to the use of mobile phones by drivers. Over 30 states are considering or have enacted legislation to ban drivers from using mobile phones in the car without a headset or other hands-free solution and others are following suit. Just this month Washington State became the latest to send a hands-free bill to the governor for approval. While state governments address this issue with legislation, drivers can use Bluetooth wireless technology to comply with the new laws and keep both hands on the wheel while driving and talking.
Bluetooth is a popular wireless technology used in the car to connect the driver’s mobile phone to the car’s stereo system, allowing for hands-free talking in the car. To make or answer a call, the driver uses voice commands and buttons on the steering wheel in factory installed options or on the device interface of an after-market solution. Voice communication takes place over the speakers in the car’s stereo system. The driver can make and accept calls without ever touching the mobile phone, complying with legislation and making driving and talking more convenient. Read More…

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