Luggage Lovers: Laptrap Reviewed

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Date: Thursday, August 15th, 2002, 20:35
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Shaun Jackson Design’s latest work, the Laptrap, is the most elegant sleeve design I’ve seen yet. I’m already getting constant compliments on the Back Office bag, which is my primary TiBook luggage. But I love the simplicity and slimness of the new Laptrap. The bag is a slim padded sleeve made out of cordura nylon (or optional, more expensive leather), which, like SJ’s other bags, unfolds on your lap or a desk to provide access to pouches for documents, pens and pencils, peripherals and cables, and so on. You can unfold the bag in seconds and start working without removing the computer, and a quick access zipper lets you quickly pull out your `Book going through airport security. The bag comes with a fabulous molded rubber handle that makes it easy to stow and fits together very snugly and securely thanks to thoughtful design, strap placement, and fit and finish. Even though it’s slim, there’s still plenty of room for cables, an iPod, and so on, and the bag features a special CD/DVD storage panel behind the laptop’s screen, as well as a trademark non-slip “Gripdeck” surface so your machine doesn’t go anywhere when the case is open (specs and materials are, as usual, impressive). I’m especially fond of the slick lime-green and black color scheme — photos don’t do it justice; a welcome change from plain colors.

The innovation of the Laptrap is that the bag is now slim enough to drop into your current backpack, bag, or briefcase. I even tossed one into a suitcase. But I’m even more excited about using the LapTrap on its own as the ultimate in PowerBook minimalism. SJ Design will soon be shipping what looks to be a very nice backpack strap option that can be attached for using the bag alone. Having spent much of my time shlepping large loads, I’ll be looking for opportunities to travel with nothing more than my smart-looking LapTrap once that strap arrives.

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