Mac OS X 10.3 to Support P800?

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Date: Wednesday, March 12th, 2003, 08:07
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Markus Nothelfer writes from Germany, where there’s buzz that an OS update would add support for the P800 — at least according to the sales staff at German computer superstore “Recently I talked to a [salesperson] at a big German Mac store, “”, if the P800, which they’ve started selling now, would work with iSync. He told me they got news from Apple that OS 10.3 would support this great device. OS 10.3 would arrive in May or June, he said.” Markus wonders whether this means an update we’ll be paying for, or if the support will appear under 10.2.x, or if this is just a rumor. My money is on a separate iSync update, but we’ll see.

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