Macworld Expo Tokyo 2001: New iMacs

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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As expected, Apple has announced an updated lineup of iMacs ranging from 400MHz to 600MHz G3 processors with two new flavors, Flower Power and Blue Dalmation (no, we’re not making this up). Here’s the deally yo from the Apple’s iMac page:

Choose from three models ? and four styles You have three iMac models to choose from: the 400MHz iMac (with a 10GB hard disk) in Indigo, the 500MHz iMac (with a 20GB hard disk) in Indigo, Flower Power and Blue Dalmation, and the 600MHz iMac Special Edition (with a 40GB hard disk) in Flower Power, Blue Dalmation and Graphite. Already famous for gorgeous graphics, the iMac now makes 3D games even more photorealistic with the ATI RAGE 128 Ultra graphics accelerator (ATI RAGE 128 Pro in the 400MHz iMac).

400MHz 64MB/10GB CD-ROM ATI RAGE 128 Pro Indigo $899
500MHz 64MB/20GB CD-RW ATI RAGE 128 Ultra Indigo, Flower Power, Blue Dalmation $1199
600MHz 128MB/20GB CD-RW ATI RAGE 128 Ultra Indigo, Flower Power, Blue Dalmation, Graphite $1499

The new iMacs ship standard with Mac OS 9.1, iTunes, and iMovie2. A cursory examination at the Apple Store shows that most of the standard configurations are ready to ship immediately.

What do you readers think of Apple’s latest iMac move? Done to death? Brilliant? Cool new flavors? Awful flavors? Wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot stick? Where’s Dr. Will’s Flannel flavor? That warm fuzzy feeling no longer there? Sound off in the reader feedback below.

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