Magnetic Poetry Slam Results: Nitrozac/Snaggy Celebrity Entry

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Date: Thursday, December 12th, 2002, 06:46
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All last week, you entertained us with entries for our exclusive Magnetic Poetry Contest. And major props to you: Apple didn’t exactly make it easy with their minimalist choice of words, even if it did enable Snaggy’s reference to Jerry Lewis character “Buddy Love” (or the double-entendre of IM romance that implies). Now, we’ll begin revealing the results — too much to print all at once — and tomorrow, the official winners. First off, we were lucky enough to get a celebrity entry from Snaggy and Nitrozac of Geek Culture. (Okay, yes, I nagged them.) Sound off in comments on how a celebrity poetry deathmatch Nitrozac vs. Snaggy would go. (And look at how they were able to make their own magnetic poetry set from my low-res photo!)

Snaggy’s Poem
Apple switched my Mac OS
Jaguar is hot CD?

We will surf the digitial shop,
Play music, iSync, iChat, email home.
Camera go iPhoto,

ipod sing
I wish! :-}

Cool 🙂

Best DVD
Buddy Love movies ;-O

Nitrozac’s Poem

we SO cool
PLAY HOT movies
LOVE MY music

Snaggy claims that while this entry didn’t use all the words (many entries didn’t), it can be read backwards — very impressive, up until “cool SO we,” but who knows, maybe saying “cool so we” will catch on as a phrase on the Net. Stranger things have happened. Thanks, Snaggy and Nitrozac! More poetry coming soon!

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