Mercury Tracker Beta 1

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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In case you didn’t notice it in the right nav bar, we posted Mercury Tracker Beta 1 for your perusal.

The purpose of this useful service is to track the availability of PowerBook G4 inventory at the Apple Store all of the major resellers. Check out some of its advanced features in the read me below. Please also remember that this is only a beta release, help us make it better.

Check it out and send a lot of bug reports to Dr. Will at

Read Me: Mercury Tracker Beta 1

removed recent feedback listing from the front page of the tracker page because the feedback query would detract from the application performance.

added filtering options to the main tracker chart though, which work in concert with the ordering options.

feedback listing page looks pretty solid right now since you can post feedback on any tracker item. and then read it by according to reseller, config, or tracker item (reverse lookups and stuff).

added tracker reports feature that lets you Archively submit a simple datetime report of what they purchased, from where, date ordered, and date shipped. using that data, you can pretty much figure out lead-times from ordered to shipping by reseller, config, tracker item (a tracker item is a combination of reseller and configuration they’re selling).

the tracker reports section of the site is probably gonna take another little while but development can take place after introduction.

the reseller rating component hasn’t been finished yet.


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