MIDIKeys Puts a MIDI Keyboard on Your Desktop

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Date: Thursday, October 24th, 2002, 06:51
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So you’ve got Sony noise-cancelling headphones, you’re on the flight to LA, Reason installed on OS X, and you want to create some synth patches over Iowa. Wait a sec — no keyboard. Enter MIDIKeys: put a beautiful brushed-aluminum Aqua keyboard on-scren and play away with your computer keyboard. (I’m constantly getting people asking me if that’s possible!) Perfect for softsynth tweaking (or development, as the author points out, but the flight’s not that long!). It’s a perfect companion to MU Music Controller, which we covered earlier this week. Here’s the only bad news: the author writes, “the only thing really missing is the ability to click on the keyboard to sound notes using a mouse.” That’s unfortunate, obviously; let’s hope this ability is added in a future version. Bitheadz’ Unity’s MIDI Keyboard springs to mind, though that only works with Unity. In the meantime, computer keyboard it is.

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