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Date: Thursday, November 21st, 2002, 00:00
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Las Vegas — One of the biggest stories at this week’s Comdex Fall 2002 show was the announcement of the nVidia GeForce FX graphics processor.

The new GeForce FX chip and video card incorporates the “variable bus timing” architecture and is based on a .013 micron copper process. They have the only true 128-bit color processor in the world. (not 128 pin, 128-bit). The controllers that developers can write code to include “Pixel Shaders,” and “Vertex Shaders.”

Details of the chip and board design reveal a 8 major bandwidth pipelines with a max bus speed of 500MHz, and DDR2 memory running at 1GHz speed, for real time rendering of programmable effects.

nVidia intends to bring “Cinematic Computing” to desktops and portables and word is that they are working actively with, and marketing aggressively to Apple Computer.

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