MP3 Player in … Sunglasses?

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Date: Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004, 12:36
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Proving we are moving towards ‘All Things MP3’, Oakley is bringing out sunglasses with a built in MP3 player.

Oakley Inc., makers of active lifestyle sunglasses, apparel, and accessories are bringing the THUMP, sunglasses with a built in MP3 player. There are two versions of the flash memory based sunglasses, one with 128MB of memory and the other with 256MB. Seven color combinations helps match the most discriminating wardrobe tastes. The THUMP is plug and play with both pc’s and Macs using USB 2.0 for file transfer. Price is US$395 for the 128MB version and US$495 for the 256MB version.
Now all someone needs to do is figure out a way to connect the THUMP to the iPod for playback or have Oakley make a bluetooth version with an iPod bluetooth adapter. You heard that here first 🙂

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