MWNY02: Buy Jaguar and Update to .mac

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Date: Friday, July 19th, 2002, 16:45
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A few years ago there was a grassroots campaign called “Buy Mac OS 8!” The idea was simple. Folks “in the know” so to speak can always figure out a way to find a copy of an install disk from work or school or from a friend to update there system as time goes by. But in an effort to try to help Apple succeed, the “buy Mac OS 8” campaign started at a grassroots level. I think I even saw some emails that had Buy OS 9 at the end of them too. This idea faded as iMac gained in popularity and as Apple found itself profitable again.

Today Apple is still innovating the best it can under these tough financial times. They are doing so many things right, they are one of the few in this industry that are profitable. They are doing so by being innovative. Most of what we saw yesterday was software. My call to the Mac community is a new campaign based on the old one: Help Apple kick butt in these tough times- Buy Jaguar and update to dot Mac. If you watch that keynote again, think about how cool our lives will be with these new technologies.

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