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Date: Friday, July 19th, 2002, 10:00
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ProCreate 18-WheelerNo matter how hard IDG hyped it up Macworld Expo NY 2002 was weak. Was the show helpful to me as a designer or as the purchaser for a studio? Yes to both questions. But not as overwhelmingly so as previous NY shows.

The tech economy shake out and slow tech consumption have undoubtedly forced many exhibitors to stay home. Some vendors just walked around the show floor (sans booth) handing out materials, ex. ComStock. This show was nicely organized and decently laid out, but maybe this is only a function of the “fill out the floor” illusion effect.

My highlights from the floor:


  • Carrara: 2, nice special upgrade price extended toward RayDream and Infini-D users… upgrade price is set at US$120.
  • ZBrush: 1.5 with new features.
  • RealBasic: 4.5
  • Totally Hip Software: demos of its wares.
  • FreeVerse: Wipeout for US$20.
  • Pitsco legodacta: They bill it as “educational solutions”… I call it “hi-tech FUN” with legos!


  • Epson: Wow to the Stylus Photo 960 (projected US$350 range)! It will debut later this year. Epson had more models but this one was reasonably priced for its features. Edge to edge printing and new inks. Geared toward photo matte/glossy papers.
  • Earthlink: I didn’t talk to the reps but they had a interesting product called a MailStation. if it had a color LCD version then this thing would be a sweeter deal! They offer a nice gamut of services.
  • MacAlly: Beautiful product line. Take a gander at their Web site. The product line seems to have matured, the overall industrial design has greatly improved. Additions to the line up include new firewire gear (RAID tower), keyboards (white keyboards, one with a Sony type scroll device imbedded to the keyboard the other used laptop keys… very slim design), mice (new RF mouse) and hubs.
  • MCE: Nice portable products plus the new Direct to HD Portable DV recording device.
  • Griffin: Showing off the PowerMate. I need one of these puppies.

Best Booths:

  • Procreate: Pulled an 18 wheeler in with a “times square” influenced sign attached to the top. I guess this is what you do when the “other 2” don’t show. They had demos inside the expanded trailer enclosure… They rocked the show with their booth.
  • FileMaker: Looked like a king and his grandees looking down upon their peeps. Nice informative demos.
  • Apple: Big and bright but BLAH. Nice rack display of the Xserve though.
  • MacPlay: Hamburger Hill inspired booth. Private Ryan would be proud of this one.

Giveaways: Lame schwag at this show (except for those cool PowerPage t-shirts!) but I’ve got to hand it to Mac Design, Photoshop User, MacAddict, MacWorld, and Mac Home for giving out copies of their latest magazines Some came with CDs and others we’re made available for the current month and the next month’s issue.

Final Comments: Smaller but still a nice show. Lets move this thing out of NY and back to Boston. Hey, why not switch shows with DC? The DC location would pull more from the south (VA & NC). Philly and Baltimore are close. The whole VA suburbs adjacent to DC would more than compensate for the NY crowds. Boston and NY are just a train ride away.

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