MWSF03: WebPod, the Ultimate Killer App

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Date: Tuesday, January 7th, 2003, 00:00
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Why is everyone hung up on the video portion of a new iPod? Video is the fringe benefit. It’s the Bluetooth/Airport Web access that will be the hit.

If today’s secret MWSF announcement is an Airport/Bluetooth (Cell phone internet) enabled iPod with Web browser, email, iChat (with video), Sherlock, iCal and Address Book it will rock the world.

Leave your Bluetooth phone in your pocket and buy movie tickets with this device. OR check the weather. And just like the iPod, the OS doesn’t have to match what the other 90% of the world uses.

If Blackberries (Crackberries) are addictive, this thing will need to be banned.

The distribution channel is already in place. Now for the next big thing since the iMac.

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