New Apple RAID product

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Date: Thursday, July 11th, 2002, 13:18
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I was taking a couse on Apple’s Learn and Earn site today (the couse was named “Understanding Compute-Intensive Problems and Solutions” and was just posted today) and an Xserve RAID product that I haven’t heard about was mentioned:

Massive Storage

Xserve gives your customers up to 480GB of storage. By providing half a terabyte of space using ATA/100-class storage, Xserve allows administrators to give more server space for large, media-rich projects. And, with Xserve’s 64-bit, 66MHz PCI bus, it’s easy to connect to an external RAID or backup system. In addition, Apple has announced Xserve RAID, a high-performance, high-reliability storage system with up to 1.68TB in a 3U enclosure.

It’s on page 7/9, titled “Xserve Advantages and Opportunities” in case you have access to Learn and Earn.

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