New Fetch Beta and Updated SkyLINE Drivers

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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This ol’ reliable FTP program is back from the days of yore and now Carbonized, this time from Fetch Softworks who is licensing it from Dartmouth College. You can give the latest beta version (now beta 5) a fling to see if it overthrows your current FTP king. This beta expires in May.

Also of interest to those exposing themselves to Ethernet packets while they sleep, Farallon has updated their SkyLINE 11MB PC card and PCI card drivers to version 2.2.

As of now, we’re still waiting for the latest Diablo II patch and Quake III patch (which fixes OS 9.1 incompatibility and Altivec support [drool]). Also, if you’re down with Rogue Spear like I am, check out these Rogue Spear Mods that have been ported to the Mac by *DAMN.

-drwill who saw Crouching Tiger twice.

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