New G4s: Noise comparsion in QT Movie

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Date: Wednesday, February 26th, 2003, 07:31
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There’s a QuickTime movie that compares a Dual 450 GHz G4 (which was a very quiet model) and a new Dual 1.25 GHz. As it turns out, the Dual 450 produces mostly a fan noise (which means: you hear the air). The Dual 1.25 has even less fan noise (air), but there is a [pitched] sound, a mid-to-high-frequency-sound. Germany’s “” is hosting this video (6.5 MB) for free, but just for one day (because of the traffic). The titles in the video are in german, but it is easy to follow. First, you see the Dual 450. Then the Dual 1.25. Then both machines. Then the Dual 1.25 with maximum load. Then again with normal load. Ed: Thanks a lot, Joern! Anyone out there got a server that could serve as a permanent home? -PK

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