New hints surface from leaked HomePod firmware, hunt at 240 fps 1080p video capture, biometric authentication for next-gen iPhone

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Date: Thursday, August 10th, 2017, 02:38
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As it’s being studied, the leaked HomePod firmware continues to be a treasure trove of upcoming Apple features for the upcoming iPhone.

In addition to recent findings, iOS developer Guilherme Rambo has uncovered even more strings hidden inside of Apple’s HomePod firmware, which could possibly point to new features in upcoming iPhone hardware.

The strings highlight the presence of a camera capable of supporting 240 frames per second video capture at a 1080p resolution. The current iPhone 7 is also able to capture video at 240 fps, but it’s limited to just 720p resolution. 240 fps video capture results in smoother slow motion video, and having that video at full HD resolution would make for a significant increase in quality.

Rambo also dug up strings that suggested support for multiple biometric options. While it’s unknown as to whether this means the next-gen iPhone will support Face ID, Touch ID or some other form of authentication is unknown.

Finally, another string indicates enhanced HDR photo capture, labeled “ModernHDR”, may be coming to future iPhone models. This could possible be aimed at displays that support modern HDR properties, like many of the current batch of 4K televisions do today. It also lines up well with the 4K and HDR enhancements that we may see in the fifth-generation Apple TV.

Granted, these are just strings from a leaked piece of firmware and nothing’s been announced, much less set in stone. Still, it offers some interesting ideas as to what to expect via the forthcoming iPhone.

Via 9to5Mac and Twitter

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