New PowerBook G4 May Use Variable Timing

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Date: Friday, October 18th, 2002, 08:00
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The PowerPage has received word that Apple is working on a revision to the professional PowerBook that has a completely new motherboard with a revised architecture for increased throughput across all buses.

Prototypes have been seen sporting a new “variable timing bus and processor” in which the processor and the bus speed are governed by processing demand, a sort of high/low mode which effectively doubles battery life for such mundane tasks as watching DVDs or listening to music CDs.

The actual speed of the processor goes up and down, and the timing speed of the various buses also changes. This reduces the battery discharge rate, and lengthens battery life significantly.

The new variable timing technology has not been confirmed for the January 2003 update but appears possible. It could also could be for the next (or even next next) generation model. Pretty cool actually.

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