OS 9 Survives in Limited Plan

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Date: Monday, December 16th, 2002, 09:20
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Friday the 13th was a lucky day for Mac OS 9. CNet News.com reports that Apple announced Friday it will offer a limited plan to provide new machines with the ability to boot into Mac OS 9 through June 2003, instead of shipping all new machines as Mac OS X-only starting in January, as originally announced. If you’re dependent on a dual-boot environment with Mac OS 9, though, don’t get too excited: according to MacCentral, only a dual 1.25-GHz model for pro markets, and select configurations for education will be offered. That means many users still dependent on Quark or OS 9-only pro audio apps and plug-ins may still want to consider buying current systems that have dual-boot capability. On the bright side, Apple claims 80% pro adoption of OS X and an expected 75% adoption rate in education in the spring. Here’s my question: are we likely to find a way to hack new machines to dual-boot so we can occasionally use oddball OS 9 software that doesn’t run well in Classic, or will we want to save an OS 9-ready machine for the occasional nostalgia trip?

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