Philips and Divio Announces USB Video Capture Engine

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Divio and Philips announced (“Divio and Philips Deliver Industry’s First Consumer-Ready USB Video Capture Solution that Supports Web TV for Windows 98 and WaveTop Applications“) today the NW680 NTSC/PAL Capture Engine, which is a new USB video capture device. Here’s some details:

The result will be more powerful, less expensive video acquisition devices that will allow any consumer to link their camcorder, TV signal or any other video device andvideo-capable PC to get high-quality video on the desktop via USB. The NW680’s PC99 compliance provides WebTV for Windows 98 and WaveTop support, which willprovide future desktop Internet access and information through traditional TV signals.

The NW680 base solution leverages Divio’s revolutionary single-chip motion JPEG CODEC and Philips’ video decoder and TV tuner to enable manufacturers to developentirely new classes of high-performance, USB-connected video capture systems. By applying Divio’s patented imaging/compression technologies, the NW680 will enablemanufactures to bring to market real-time, full motion 25-30 FPS (frames-per-second) digital video acquisition devices that work across the USB interface, at a cost far lowerthan today’s lower quality and far more costly “grabber” designs.

Products based on the NW680 OEM reference design will ship in the fourth quarter later this year.

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