Phone Phreaks: Nokia 8390 vs Sony T68i

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Date: Wednesday, February 19th, 2003, 11:00
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Okay, I admit it, I don’t understand why everyone thinks the T68i is so cool. I am the friend who always gets the newest and best stuff first, and everyone around me was getting new cell phones, while I was stuck in a TDMA world. I was the one who had to have the Nokia 6360 when it came out, I had a DVD player in my Wallstreet before Blockbuster even rented DVDs, and I already was browsing various ftp sites for mp3s before Napster was even thought of.

But I love my Pismo, and I love being able to sync it up to my old Nokia 6360 and my new Nokia 8390. After comparing the Nokia 8390 to the Sony T68i, I just had to stick with the Nokia. More computers have IrDA than Bluetooth, and everyone I have talked to has said that the Bluetooth drains their T68i battery quicker than Rasheed Walace can get a technical foul. Both phones have lithium ion batteries, support SMS, ring tones, have vibrating batteries, voice dialing, and phone books that support up to 500 names. The Nokia and the Sony are comparable in size, and after holding them both in my claws, the Nokia seems much lighter. The interface is much more professional in the Nokia too, you don’t have a bunch of pictures, instead it is written in clear text. I don’t know about others, but while I love my Atari so I don’t really need a joystick on my phone. Background pictures and screen savers do not impress my girlfriend nor will it make me more productive. The Nokia can sync up with LogoSender software, So can some one please tell me why their T68i is so much better than the Nokia 8390?

Ed: Seems like a worthwhile debate. One phone does not fit all. I haven’t had battery issues with Bluetooth, and I find Bluetooth sync to be very convenient. Bluetooth wireless headsets are also great. And the color screen on the T68 is easy on the eyes. But hey, I’m interested to hear Nokia, Ericsson, and other phone users duke it out. Go for it. -PK

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