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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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As you already know, we have been encouraging our less fortunate readers to register their stolen PowerBooks with our Stolen Hardware Registry for over a year. This database was designed to help people buying used hardware on the Internet check the serial number of the equipment to see if was reported stolen before buying the item.

At the request of many readers we are currently considering converting the database to a general registry where you can register your PowerBook before it is stolen. Please let use know your thoughts on updating this database’s functionality and if you would use such a service.

It is pretty common for PowerBook serial numbers to wear off, it seems to be a casualty of the hand-to-hand combat these machines endure. My barely three month old Lombard/400 has almost completely lost its serial number. You would think that Apple could make the stickers more impervious to wear, but they haven’t, prompting one reader’s query:


The serial number on my Wallstreet is pretty worn so I can’t read it. Ibought it from a friend. Were else can I get the serial # off the machine? Isthere software that will display the #? Thanks!


There is no software that can find your machine’s serial number, it is physically independent from the hardware. The next best thing is to contact the original dealer that sold it, and ask them to check the original sales invoice.

If you cannot find the original serial number, as an alternative you can launch Apple System Profiler (from the Apple menu) and take note of the Ethernet hardware address which is unique number to your machine and cannot be changed unless the Ethernet hardware is damaged or removed.

In Apple System Profiler click on “network overview” then “AppleTalk” under the system profile tab. if you have built-in Ethernet you will see a “hardware address” in the format “00.50.E4.00.EF.30.” To make copying it easier, you can drag and drop that info to a text editor so that you don’t have to write it and re-type it.

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