Review: Waterfield Design Cozmo Bag – Small and Suite

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Date: Wednesday, July 31st, 2002, 12:50
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Waterfield CozmoI’ve been trying to use the new Cozmo Bag from Waterfield Designs with my 12-inch iBook constantly in order to give this bag a thorough review from the point of an iBook user.

The Waterfield Designs Web site is one of the most convenient for exploring and making an educated choice on PowerBook Bags. Pop-up rotating sketches with feature call outs and swatches of the fabric colors make shopping easier. The Small Cozmo Suite includes the Cozmo and SleeveCase and Medium GearPouch – all for US$159 – and just US$10 for the larger TiBook size. Read on to see if you’re jazzed.

This bag addresses one of my main qualms about many of the computer bags out there, which is that it is easy to slip the iBook in and out of the bag without worrying about scratching the white plastic with velcro. With my former bag, the number one pain was having to delicately slip it in and out, while avoiding the protruding plastic zipper and scratchy velcro. The bag does however have an additional interior compartment with sturdy velcro tab, for keeping papers and a mag separate.

Another nice feature of the bag is that it is soft-sided. It does not have the look of a typical laptop bag. After dropping it hard on my right foot, I can attest to the fact that soft sides are good. The protective inner sleeve helped protect my iBook from damage. I choose white to match my iPod, but the bag is also available in red, blue, stone, and silver. It is constructed of durable weather resistant fabric, both inside and out.

The soft sided construction also includes a flat, hard bottom for resting when traveling in the airport. Two individual handles on the top of the bag are great for when you have a free hand and don’t want to sling your laptop over your shoulder. Finally some consideration for those of us that don’t want the rubbing of a shoulder bag to produce pilling on the backside of our favorite pair of pants. In addition, Waterfield has included a detachable shoulder strap, with gel like padded middle section, for when slinging it over your shoulder is necessary.

This bag could even be featured in an Apple “Switch” ad. I lugged it to Vancouver on business with both my personal iBook and professional Thinkpad inside. There was still enough room inside for shades, a currency converter and in the large outside pockets, my itinerary and reading materials.

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