Review: What's Your Secret, Little Secrets!

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Date: Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002, 09:00
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Little Secrets a program created by Manfred Lippert
is a neat little utility that can encrypt notes or other important data stored on your trusty old Mac.

Little Secrets now has three search capabilities:

  • AUTOLOCATOR: Just type a few characters and Little Secrets will jump automatically to the first fitting entry.
  • SEARCH FIELD IN THE TOOLBAR: You can install a search field in your toolbar with the “Customize Toolbar” menu entry. Type a search text in the search field, press return, and LittleSecrets will filter for all entries that contain the search text somewhere.
  • FIND/REPLACE-PANEL: Little Secrets now has a complete Find/Replace dialog panel as seen in other applications also. These search functions are available as usual from the “find” menu.

In addition to the search capabilities, a bundle of other improvements were made to the program.

  • You can tell LittleSecrets not to select an entry when opening a document.
  • Cycling between entry list, text and search field can be done with the TAB key. Tabulator characters can be entered with Option + TAB.
  • A information bar now shows the number of all available entries in the document and it shows the number of entries filtered by the search field.

LittleSecrets is a great third party application available for OS X that allows you to store passwords and other private information. It is an easy to use and intuitive application, and is well worth a try.

Manfred Lippert
LittleSecrets 1.2 (direct OS X download)
US$7 (shareware)

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