Safari Watch: New Applications Tweak Apple Browser

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Date: Wednesday, January 15th, 2003, 01:00
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 WIDTH=SafariMasks (US$10, 4.3MB) was made to customize the look of Safari – Apple’s new turbo Web browser for Mac OS X. With SafariMasks you don ‘t have to settle with Apple’s navigation buttons. Simply choose a new theme from our list and click install. Within seconds you can have a brand new theme to use when surfing the Web.

Safari Icon Manager – This little piece of software can do two things: It can browse your Safari icon cache, and it can empty it.

Safari Aquafier 1.1 – Love the speed of Apple’s new Web browser, but hate the brushed metal interface? Then our latest application, the Safari Aquafier, is for you. It allows you to easily change the Safari interface without using complicated developer tools.

Safari Enhancer 1.1 – Safari Enhancer is a program for enabling several hidden features of the Safari Web browser beta. Among the things enabled are a debugging menu that allows you to do such things as enabling keyboard and mouse shortcuts, changing what browser Safari identifies itself as, and changing how Safari handles Security. Safari also lets you specify a minimum font size, as well as allowing you to turn off underlines on links and handling direct bookmark importing from Netscape, Internet Explorer, Chimera, Mozilla, OmniWeb, and iCab.

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