Scam PowerBook Sales E-mail

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Date: Monday, April 7th, 2003, 05:36
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Paul Levin got an e-mail in his inbox promising 1GHz PowerBook G4s for $1250. The apparent spam (which encourages readers to send e-mail, presumably to confirm their address) comes from “Vitaly V J, Premier Manager, Sales Division, Exim Deals Group.” Well, at least it makes a nice break from all that porn spam and made-up Nigerian money deals. Here’s an excerpt:

”Greetings! You are receiving this email because in past you have selected to receive updates on new items we might offer for you to purchase with a great, almost wholesale prices. Today we offer you a great sale of Apple Titanium PowerBook G4 1000Mhz with 1Gb of RAM ,60Gb Hard drive, SuperDrive,NIC and 15″ TFT display for only $1250 delivered by your door within the next 3 business days! . . . If you are interested please email us so we can answer all of your questions and proceed with the dealing.”

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