Sprint PCS Confirms T608 Will Ship "This Month, or Next"

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Date: Monday, July 7th, 2003, 22:12
Category: Mobile Phone

Emails, IM’s and a phone call placed by myself to the Business Services department at Sprint PCS brings what could be the most promising news about the Sony Ericsson T608 in two weeks.

My day job uses Sprint PCS for our corporate mobile carrier, so I called the business services line and got a represenative inside of two minutes. This was stunning considering the one hour hold time once I slip past Claire on the regular customer line.
I spoke to customer care rep who was able to look up information for me in what she refered to as, “The Connected System,” to verify information and look up new information regarding equipment.
I was told that the Sony Ericsson T608 would be released this month or next, which is in-line with what others submitted throughout the last day or so. Still no word regarding the Bluetooth networking profile support being left in the finished product, but Sprint PCS customers here in the United States are crossing their fingers, hoping for a better way to use that 1xRTT data service.

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