TiBook (DVI) CD-ROM Drive Failing

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Date: Tuesday, July 30th, 2002, 00:00
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I bought the 800MHz (DVI) PowerBook G4 about two months ago or so. Recently my CD-ROM drive ceased to accept CDs. The mechanism doesn’t seem to want to “grab” the cd. I can hear the CD-ROM drive mechanism sometimes and can even use the eject button and I hear the plastic clink of a mysterious phantom CD being ejected, but no CD. I’m positive there is no CD stuck in the drive and the computer has not been dropped or badly treated.

I simply woke up one morning with no use of the CD-ROM drive (insert Scooby Doo mystery music here). I called AppleCare (1-800-APL-CARE) and they had me run through about 10 different exercises to try and get the CD-ROM drive back up and working, to no avail. Finally they attributed the problem to the hardware failing. I am not completely convinced.

The turnaround time for a busted TiBook is 5-7 business days and since this is my work machine, I really don’t want to live without it, so I figured I’d check the Apple forums to see if anyone else had this problem and had found any way to fix it. That also didn’t work, most threads lead to dead ends. I am writing you to ask if you guys have heard of such a thing and if any of your readers have written in about similar problems.

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