Titanium: Luggage for the new PowerBook G4 Titanium

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Any time a new PowerBook comes out the age-old thread on luggage springs to life. The announcement of the new PowerBook G4 Titanium is no exception. The machine’s wider and thinner dimensions are prompting users to seek out new ways to carry their Titanium beauty in safety and style.

I just returned from Tokyo and have been globe-trotting with the new SleeveCase G4 from Waterfield Designs [877 546 1040]. I am just thrilled with it. The new G4 model is a neoprene-lined ballistic nylon sleeve that fits the PowerBook G4 Titanium just perfectly. It measures 13.5″ x 9.5″ x 1.1″ and has a handy velcro tab to keep it closed. The black and faux carbon-fiber color scheme (which they call ‘lead’) also looks just plain cool.

If you already own a large shoulder bag or a briefcase that isn’t designed with enough padding to support a notebook computer (as I did) the US$39 Sleevecase G4 is a great way to protect your new ride.

The Sleevecase also looks cool enough that you can use it on it’s own (sans bag) for a quick jaunt to a meeting or class.

Waterfield also makes a cool Cargo bag that comes in three sizes (S/M/L) ranging in price from US$149 – US$199. The Cargo bag ships in black with the following accent colors: blueball, celeste, lead, p-corn, taxi and zebra.

Wow, and you thought Apple had a monopoly on interesting colors! Easily the coolest part of this bag is the latch – it is the same type as the seat belt found in all commercial airplanes!

“The captain has turned on the Fasten Your Seat Belts sign…”

Veteran readers of this site know that I have a luggage fetish and the Waterfield stuff gets two thumbs up. All-in-all some kick ass products.

What is your luggage solution for the new dimensions of the TiBook? Are you converting your existing bag or going with something new? Do you prefer a ‘computer’ bag or something more discreet and/or stylish? Why?

Use the feedback link below to post your thoughts.

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