Titanium Observations: Hardware and OS

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Schoun Regan from Complete Mac Seminars has the new PowerBook G4 Titanium and has taken it apart to install the AirPort card. Here’s a few of his comments:

Everything seems cleanly laid out. The bottom piece (220k) is very thin and somewhat flimsy. Care must be taken to never bend or twist the bottom piece or the keyboard. The hard drives are identical to the ones in the older PowerBooks and RAM, as reported earlier, is 1.5 inch.

The software update included is actually older than the new desktop G4s. Apple has gone to something a little different on certain software updates. They include a separate disk image on the installer disk buried deep inside the installer files directory. This disk image contains all the newer items after 9.1. This makes it easy to compare latest revisions but unless you have access to a new desktop G4, you are unable to get those little updates.

Now all we need are Quake/Unreal benchmarks

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