[Updated] Apple Store – Houston, TX Confirmed

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Date: Monday, September 16th, 2002, 07:21
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Update: a new page from Apple confirms the opening with location and details. Grand opening: September 21.

I guess Apple no longer fears the presence of Compaq because an Apple Store is officially coming to Houston. While shopping in the Houston Galleria (in the nicest part of the city) I noticed an underconstruction storefront with the standard www.apple.com paneling, although it was black compared to the white ones mentioned here. I’m fairly certain that means nothing, but it’s coming nonetheless. It’s a newer corner of the mall, or less populated anyway, with the integrated hotel starting right above it. There was no sign with an opening date, but there was a black plastic curtain that didn’t completely conceal the entrance, and I could see a number of workers and I got the idea that it might be nearly finished. I’ll see if I can score pictures.

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