USB-C cables & chargers reviewed by Google engineer Benson Leung

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Date: Monday, January 9th, 2017, 05:37
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In the wake of a fair number of questionable USB-C adapters (you get what you pay for when purchasing accessories at a gas station, and Amazon), Benson Leung tests USB-C cables and accessories and posts his findings on Google+.

Leung, a Google Chromebook engineer, has spent a fair amount of time buying batches of USB Type-C cables from Amazon and testing them to see if they perform or are just cheap knock-offs.

The cables and chargers themselves can fail in a variety of ways, albeit incorrect resistors seem to be among the most common problems so far.

If you’re wondering which USB Type-C adapters are worth looking into and which are a waste of your hard-earning money, take a gander at Leung’s Google+ collection and consider following.

Via Fast Company

Update: Leung tells the PowerPage that a cheesy website bearing his name (and consisting exclusively of Amazon affiliate links) is owned by an impersonator trying to cash in on his work. (Boo!) The only place to read his reviews and recommendations is on Google+.

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