USB Overdrive Enables GamePad

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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PowerPage reader Suk-Hyun sends this in about getting the Gravis GamePad Pro to work with USB PC Cards:

Gravis gamepad pro finally worked with Macally USB cardbus adapter after installing USB DDK v1.3f9 and “USB joystick overdrive” extension from “USB overdrive” shareware. For $69.95 from, it was a great deal of fun …. playing Virtual Game Station on my Wallstreet II with playstation-look alike game pad.

Further testing at the PowerPage H.Q. indicates that the ADS Technologies’ USB PC Card also works with the Gravis GamePad Pro after you have installed USB Overdrive, the USB-super-driver that can handle practically any USB device. We tested MacMAME, Connectix’s Virtual Game Station, and Bungie’s Marathon Infinity.

In the arcade game emulator MacMAME and in Virtual Game Station, the GamePad gives a much better, more arcade-like feel to the games. In Marathon, we didn’t have enough buttons on the GamePad to assign all the controls to, but this is more of a testimony to the complexity of controlling a game like Marathon than a limitation of the controller.

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