Windoze Bites the Big Apple

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Since publishing a story last week regarding a Windows crash on a McDonald’s drive-through terminal window, the staff here has received numerous sightings of similar events. My favorite thus far has been the following Windoze crash:

Earlier this week on my way home from work I noticed that the buildings inTimes Square were glowing many different colors. As I followed the sourceI realized that the new ABC Good Morning America studio at the corner of 44thSt. and Broadway finally had it’s very large electronic billboard working.It was flashing a display of the Round ABC globe logo – it looked like asea of electronic ABC stamped ping-pong balls. As I watched the display,impressed with it’s immense size, the logos stopped moving and of coursefroze in place. The familiar off-green desktop appeared with an arrow movingaround frantically. It was of course the basic desktop of a WintelMachine. Sure enough an error message popped up for all of Times Square to see -something to the effect of – “This program has performed an illegaloperation and will be shutdown.” I laughed all the way home and wished I had a camera – classic crash in the Heart of Times Square.

If any of you have any pictures of similar occurrences it would be most appreciated. I’m waiting on a picture of an ATM machine displaying Windows 3.1x that a reader has promised (be sure to check back and look for it). Send your pics and anecdotes!

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