17-Inch PowerBooks Not Yet in Production

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Date: Wednesday, February 19th, 2003, 00:00
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PowerBook 17-InchWell it looks like those waiting to take delivery of a 17-inch PowerBook G4 will have to wait a little longer. When I asked a contact at Apple about the suggestions that production 17″ PBs are beginning to hit the streets I received this response:

We have not yet started production so there is no way anyone is receiving one. As we announced at Macworld we are still targeting to start production the very end of February.

If that is the case then one could only reasonably expect the first units to arrive from Taiwan on or around the first week of March. This information seems to contradict the rumors that some Apple stores have begun to receive their display models. Some Apple staff have been hitting the demo circuit with a fleet of 17s that must be pre-production units.

As we reported on 10 January 2002:

Compal Electronics has been contracted by Apple to manufacture the new 17-inch PowerBook… It is estimated that Compal will supply 200,000 to 300,000 units this year. Toyo Rikaguku Kenkyusho has also been contracted by Apple to produce all the parts of the new Aluminum body.

Does your local Apple store have the PB17 on display? Post your comments from the field.

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