76ers Snubbed by iCal?

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Date: Wednesday, September 11th, 2002, 11:00
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In one of the coolest features of iCal, Apple has kindly published updating schedules of major music, movie, TV, and sporting events on their Web site, that users of iCal can subscribe to. Hot damn! However, after entering the Philadelphia Eagles, I went looking to add the 76ers. Unless I am blind, they do not show up on Apple’s page. However, you can type it in, and subscribe manually:

  1. Click on any NBA 2002-2003 link in Apple’s iCal library (under team schedules).
  2. When the iCal window pops up, replace the team name (before the .ics) with “76ers”

Now if Apple would only manage to fix their library. But I guess they are forgiven for getting iCal out the door. Even if it is slow as molasses on my 667, it is shaping up to be an indespensible tool – that I never knew I needed!

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