Another Excellent AppleCare Experience

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Date: Monday, December 30th, 2002, 15:00
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I would just like to share with your readers an excellent AppleCare experience that I had with Apple. After accidentally putting too much weight on the hand rest of my PowerBook (800 DVI), it became separated from the outer casing, and then the right fan started to buzz. I took it to my local Apple Store in the afternoon on Friday, December 20.

The Mac Genius said that what I had was really a “cosmetic” scar, but that he would send it in for me anyway and since I purchased it less than a year ago, it was under warranty. He told me that with the holidays and all to expect the machine back around the first of the year. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived at my door in the morning of Tuesday the 24th!

The entire outer casing was replaced, as well as a new right fan… Even with the busy holiday traffic and the weekend, Apple fixed my laptop in FOUR days (ONE business day!) I am amazed that they were able to do this so quickly and I’m extremely satisfied with my AppleCare experience. Way to go Apple!

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