Apple Tech Support: Airport Extreme Cards Won't Fit in Older Macs

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Date: Wednesday, January 8th, 2003, 00:00
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Airport ExtremeAs a college student who is completely maxed out on Apple hardware purchases (I’m running a 400 Ti PB and a 17″ iMac), the biggest part of the keynote to me was the announcement of Airport Extreme. I’ve been holding off on looking seriously at wireless networking until Apple got into the 802.11g game. Watching the keynote, I was really excited about the new Airport base station and cards. After Steve finished, I called the Apple Store to ask some compatibility questions. I was told that the new Extreme cards will not fit in any model other than the new 17″ and the new 12″ PowerBook. Surely this can’t be true! How can it not fit in the iMac? I just bought it a couple months ago! (Typical Apple buyer post keynote remorse I realize)

Unfortunately, it’s true. The new Airport Extreme card s are a different form factor and will not fit in previous Airport slots.

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