Ask PowerPage: What is my PowerBook G4 500MHz Worth?

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Date: Wednesday, March 19th, 2003, 00:00
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Q. I’m thinking of upgrading to the new 17 PB. However, I would need to sell my current T1 500. The problem I’m having is that I don’t know how much its worth. It’s in really good shape and I’m running OSX (10.2.4). Can anyone advice me on how much I can look to get for my Ti?

A. We generally use the tried and true method of eBay closed item searches. On, click on ‘Smart Search,’ then ‘Advanced Search.’ Under ‘Type’ check ‘Completed Items Only.’ This should give you a fairly good benchmark for what similar items are selling, or rather closing for, on eBay. In this case a PBG4 500 is fetching between US$1100 and US$1300 at press time.

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