Beta Impressions: Safari 64 Improves Tabbed Browsing

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Date: Thursday, March 13th, 2003, 06:24
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The latest beta of Safari making the rounds has improved both the visibility and functionality of tabbed browsing. One feature I requested in my last column, has been implemented along with others that make tabbed browsing in Safari very slick. If you open a bookmark in a tab, this version of Safari will use the name you have given the bookmark, rather than the longer name supplied by the site. Unfortunately, if you refresh the page, the name will change to the longer one. I simply click on the button in the Bookmark Menu and that will both refresh the page and keep the name short. Safari now has the ability to open an entire folder as a set of tabs, so I put a half dozen of my favorites in a folder named Tabs to open as a set. Very convenient!

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